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Christopher HACHE

Discover his joy of sharing during a seminar or a private event

"Cooking is an act of sharing that becomes stronger the more it is passed on."

Charismatic, contemporary, and a perfect ambassador for the universe of French gastronomy, Christopher Hache enjoys sharing the values he likes to uphold with others.

Being a chef of his time and imparting these values are all shown through his temperament.

The spirit of teamwork, he knows well.

Giving sense and meaning to a project is all part of a day's work.

Definition of Hache (Axe): "An edged instrument with a handle for cutting and splitting". Historically, the French expression avoir un coup de hache meant 'being a little crazy,' but the etymology probably comes from cabinetmaking. Insanity doesn't enter the picture here. Only technique and craftsmanship, thanks to the use of wood essences.

Slicing, cutting, art and technique – all words and gestures that make up Christopher's daily routine.

More destiny than vocation.

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with this chef:

  • a dinner event in your home,
  • hosting, devising and making a menu for your seminar or event,
  • cooking classes, and more

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